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  • Specifications
    HST – Standard Equipment 80HST 80HST 3-axle
    Capacity in 10’ 50,000 lbs. 50,000 lbs.
    Overall length 47’ 11” 47’ 11”
    14” kingpin setting with 86” swing clearance X X
    49” loaded 5th wheel height X X
    10-ga. Floor plate decking on upper deck X X
    Hydraulic winch with level wind 20,000 lbs 20,000 lbs
    Winch Guard X X
    80’ winch cable with locking safety hook X X
    Wireless remote for winch (1 function, 2 buttons) X X
    2 tool boxes at front of upper deck X X
    10’ recessed ramp to upper deck (10 degrees) X X
    16’7” hydraulic tail with 52” fold-under X X
    10 degree load angle (with 245/75R 17.5 tires) X X
    Tail raises to 58” dock height and lowers to ground X X
    Heavy duty I-beam style tail hinge beam X X
    Five pair of vertical supports inside fold-under X X
    Star Traction over steel in tail and fold-under approach X X
    Hydraulic sliding axles X X
    No traveling hydraulic lines contained in protective track X X
    Air and electrical lines contained in protective track X X
    Air ride raising/lowering with switch on upper deck X X
    External stake pockets on 48" centers, alternating with internal key slots for a tie down every 24" X X
    1 3/8” (NET) apitong decking X X
    49” axle spacing X X
    25,000 lb axles (58” wall) 2 3
    Air ride suspension X X
    4S2M ABS brakes X X
    Automatic slack adjusters X X
    6.75 x 17.5 8-hole hub piloted wheels X X
    245/75R 17.5 – 16 ply radial tires X X
    Dual Hydraulic controls (each side) X X
    2 speed park stands X X
    Three tail lights per side (amber in center). Fourth strobe optional X X