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  • Specifications
    Standard Equipment 120 LPSD-HS
    Capacity 120,000
    Width 10’
    Axle Spacing 60”, 14’1” group spacing
    Front Steer Design X
    Hydraulic Steering X
    Hatbox rotation 60 degrees (each way)
    Auto or manual steer X
    Adjustable steer ratio X
    Manual steer Wireless or wire type remote
    Auto-alignment after manual steer X
    Tires 235/75R 17.5
    Brakes 12.25 x 7.5 (20,000 GAWR)
    Poly fenders on all axles X
    Air ride With raising and lowering
    Hydraulic hat box 8” lift
    Wide load sign Brackets at rear
    Support plate for gooseneck support arm X
    Spring brakes on rear axle group X
    Grote sealed wiring harness X
    Aux air outlet for power tools X