FTX150-2 SERVICEABILITY: Large engine bay doors provide easy access to the entire engine compartment. Hydraulic pumps located at the rear of the machine for easy access. All filters and service points can be reached from the ground, making servicing the FTX150-2 simple and easy to do in the field.
FECON POWER MANAGEMENT®: Constant monitoring of the hydraulic circuits allows for engine horsepower to be routed to where it is needed most. The system allows for the FTX150-2 to mulch uphill while maintaining control over both the loader arms and track system. Fecon Power Management optimizes both the recovery and staying power of the mulching head.
ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: The FTX150-2 has a 7” Touchscreen IQAN controller controlling everything from the HVAC to Fecon Power Management System. The on-board troubleshooting, via the Smart Fuse Box and CAN Bus system, allow for quick and easy diagnostics of the machine, helping get the operators back to work quickly. Preset operator levels allow for adjustment into the loader arm and tilt speeds on the FTX150-2, helping to shorten the learning curve on the machine.
FTX150-2 UNDERCARRIAGE: The D3 undercarriage in the FTX150-2 is designed for the toughest mulching applications, resulting in longer track life and less downtime. Ground clearance on the FTX150-2 is 21”. Optional Severe Duty Forestry Skids on the FTX150-2 provide added longevity to the tracks in severe applications.
FTX150-2 LOADER ARMS: The FTX150-2 is the only dedicated machine in the class with loader arms. Increased productivity from the increased lift and range of motion. Range of motion gives operator more finite control over the mulching head, leading to increase in productivity.

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