ROBUST, DEPENDABLE, INNOVATIVE: Ruggedness and dependability are built-in, designed to enhance performance, service life, and safety. A robust bearing carrier houses a heavy-duty bearing with an oversized shaft. Specially designed two-sided blades effectively double their service life without having to flip the blade.
DESIGNED TO ENHANCE PERFORMANCE, SERVICE LIFE, AND SAFETY: Fecon Deck Mulchers can mulch smaller materials faster than traditional drum mulchers. Ideal for right-of-way clearing and maintenance projects, forestry clearing, site preparation, land improvement, highway mulching and maintenance, urban interface, and more.
MORE PRODUCTIVITY PER PASS, EVEN IN THE MOST DEMANDING ENVIRONMENTS: A stump-jumper feature allows the Deck Mulcher to ride over stumps without the risk of bolt shearing. The extra blade mass increases cutting inertia and enhances performance in thicker materials.

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