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    Introducing the Depth Control Rotor (DCR) system. The Fecon DCR brings a superior level of performance and value to mulching, controlling the depth of bite and directing material flow so that energy is reserved for production. The innovative DCR cuts quickly, delivering better fuel economy and more uniform particle size. The DCR system leverages the reversible Viking Axe knife tool. The rotor and the tool are paired for optimal performance and long-lasting productivity.

    • The DCR system’s depth control rings work with the Viking Axe knife to enable more cutting with less horsepower. The shape of the Viking Axe knife edge slices as it chips, providing greater forgiveness on rock than straight-edged tools or saw teeth.

    • Depth control rings lend further impact protection to the tool body and reduce shock loading to the mechanical or hydraulic driveline.

    • Severe Duty rotor bearing seal design protects from debris for longer bearing life.

    • Forged bolt-on rotor stub shafts.


    Split Ring Rotor with knife tools is designed to efficiently mulch while maintaining higher rotor RPMs. This rotor spools up quickly to maximize recovery and minimize downtime.

    • The split rings help limit the bite to efficiently cut through vegetation

    • Single-bolt tool fastening to secure and easily service from the rear of the tool holder

    • Forged bolt-on rotor stub shafts

    • Cubit Knife tools are double-sided and easily flipped for improved performance and longevity.

    • Cubit Carbide tools are durable and versatile, especially for applications that require ground engagement


    The FGT rotor system is a drum-style configuration featuring a smooth rotor surface, spiral tool pattern, and innovative tool shape for efficient cutting. In addition to outstanding performance, the FGT rotor system is built to last in the severe application of mulching. 

    • Single-bolt tool fastening is secure and easily serviced from the rear of the tool holder.

    • The Severe Duty rotor bearing seal design protects from debris for longer bearing life.

    • Includes forged bolt-on rotor stub shafts.

    • Lower profile tool height and smooth rotor surface is ideal for working in deep snow or in the soil.

    • Fecon’s FGT rotor system can be equipped with four different tool options including three unique carbide options and a knife tool that allows contractors to quickly configure their mulcher to diverse conditions.

    • Standard dual-carbide tools offer the greatest all-around reliability and performance for most contractors.

    • Severe Duty carbides include wear plates added to the body of the Standard Double Carbide.

    • Stone tools are the greatest durability and wear characteristics against rock and abrasion.

    • The Viking Sword knife tools offer increased productivity and finer, more consistent chip size.