John Deere 2010DE
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  • Productivity

    Top-loading John Deere scrapers increase productivity for all applications.

    Maximize productivity, minimize costs with 1/3 the initial investment, ½ the labor and ½ the cost (vs. self-propelled scrapers).

    Features AutoLoad™ for smooth loading and efficient operation.

    The standard offset-wheel frame assembly allows high-speed finishing and stability during hauling, loading, and unloading processes.

  • Capacity

    Heaped capacities have been increased up to six percent, to 12.2 m3 (16.0 cu. yd.) over previous models.

    Integrated overflow spill guard, standard on all ejector models, increases capacity while preventing spillage.

  • Versatility

    Increase the versatility of your scraper fleet by connecting a front or rear scraper, or run our larger scrapers in a triple-pan configuration. That means hauling up to 54.9 m3 (72 cu. yd.) per cycle with only a single operator and rig.

    With their wide throat opening and exclusive blade system, loading these ejector scrapers is quick and easy. Mix and match standard and long blades to fit almost any application or material condition.

    Also available in two-tire configuration for better performance in soft conditions.

  • Heavy-duty brakes

    Equip your 20 or 24 cu. yd. scraper with optional heavy-duty disc brakes for shorter stops, loaded or empty.

  • Warranty

    One-year warranty is standard on all models.

  • Snag-Free Unload

    Redesigned inner wall ensures smooth, snag-free ejection for spreading controlled, consistent loads.