John Deere and Gradall Excavators

From material handling and earth moving to digging and demolition, the excavator plays an important role on many construction and forestry sites. Available in both wheeled and tracked models, operators can choose from highly specialized models to increase productivity on specific projects.

At Papé Machinery, you’ll find a variety of makes and models designed to meet the needs of your unique worksite. Both John Deere and Gradall are known for making reliable excavators that are built to last. And regardless of model or excavator class, you’ll see your investment pay off year after year.

Crawler Excavators

These tracked machines from Gradall are low profile — perfect for working beneath structures. With load capacities of up to 13,000 lbs, they feature stable digging platforms and allow for excellent operator control.

Highway Speed Excavators

Also featuring a telescopic boom with increased rotation, Gradall’s highway speed excavators are easily maneuverable and transportable — able to travel up to 60 mph.

Mid-Size Excavators

When working on a smaller site that doesn’t require the full power of a large excavator, look toward these slightly smaller models from John Deere. They feature increased maneuverability and ample lifting power.

Crossover Excavators

With a telescopic boom, these excavators from Gradall are a great choice for roadside construction and other projects that require digging and loading in hard to reach places.

Large Excavators

These tracked machines from John Deere are designed to efficiently dig and move materials. Their large frame and powerful hydraulics allow for increased lift capacity and stability.

Rough Terrain Wheeled Excavators

Don’t let difficult terrain hold you back. These wheeled excavators from Gradall will provide operators with ride stability and traction on even the toughest of jobsites.

Find an Excavator Near You

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