Forestry of the future

The challenges that loggers, foresters and forest companies face daily result in solutions and improvements that reflect the incredible resourcefulness of those who work in the industry. We’ve seen major technological breakthroughs throughout the decades – and there is more to come. Established in 2017, TimberMAX has strong roots in the forest industry, although its technology has applications across a wide range of industrial applications. Road building, construction and mining are just a few industries that share steep slope challenges like forestry, in addition to facing tightening environmental, social and economic expectations. Providing safe, productive and user-friendly solutions to working on steep slopes is what TimberMAX does.

Why should you use the traction-winch?

  • SAFETY: The system provides traction assist, which in combination with the iWinch Control System, allows the operator to better identify limits and danger.
  • PRODUCTIVITY: It significantly improves productivity while reducing costs in areas where yarders are too expensive and conventional equipment reaches its traction and safe operating limits.
  • SOIL DISTURBANCE: It substantially reduces soil disturbances. In situations in the past, where it might have been necessary to stop operations and wait for dry conditions, it is now possible to keep working throughout the year.
  • SNOW: It improves accessibility to timber in areas affected by heavy snowfall.

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